Saturday, November 21, 2009

18 months old!

We can't believe he's 18 months old. I had to get my usual round of pictures at landmark 'birthdays' so to speak, even though its really not a birthday. When he was wee little it was the usual monthly picture, then after he turned one, its been every 3 months. As he's gotten older, its become increasingly difficult to get him to STAY STILL for a picture, or smile, or stop talking haha... for these, we went to the nearby golf course, looked at the pine trees, saw the ducks, and played in the leaves. We came back and finished up in our own backyard. Here are some of our favorites.

At this age, the kid is on the go! So on the go, he really has no time or patient for sitting down to eat. He gets all excited to get in his chair and eat, but then is quickly done and ready to play again! He's jabbering more and more - and using so many signs as well. We understand most of what he says, especially if its paired with a sign. He loves to dance to "Go Diego Go" theme song and any type of music really. He loves to let the dogs in and out for their trips into the yard. He protests brushing his teeth as if it were painful. He likes to read his books with me sitting beside him reading another one of his books too. He's not as cuddly at this age, he's just too busy. but when he gets ready for bed, we cuddle and watch his show before bed. I cherish this time even more now than ever!


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