Wednesday, December 1, 2010

It's That time of Year!

Yep. December. I'm slightly overwhelmed at all that needs to happen in the next month. The shopping. The tree. The decorations. The parties. The cookies. The travels. Thank heavens I already took the kid to visit Santa - before thanksgiving, i might add, there were no lines. Not one little soul in front of us.

The Santa in the King of Prussia mall? well, he is The Santa. You know, the real deal. Not one of those helper Santa's. See for yourself. Not only did I practically get goosebumps as he waved at me, the kid was so giddy with excitement, he could barely stand it!

Before he hopped on the ole guys lap, he ran through the ropes, and stood in front of him, jumping up and down, grinning and reaching for him.  Once Saint Nick reached for him too, the kid was up on his lap, all grins and giggles. and this was the year I thought he'd cry. Boy was I wrong. 

And wow, looking back at his other Santa pics, he's grown up and finally realized just who he's sitting with!

On another note, Miss Emma, his favorite teacher on the planet, her last day was Nov 19. We were ALL sad. we ALL loved her. She moved on to a better position. Miss Julia is still in the room (as she has always been) thank goodness, but he's still having a very hard time adjusting to the loss of Emma. One example - today, on the note sent home, it reads:

"Abram was crying a lot for Mommy and Daddy today. He kept saying "I want my Julia" if I left the room and then crying. Have a great night!"

Have a great night. Really? Really. It just breaks my heart to pieces. He is getting old enough now to really say what he wants and feels. And it can be heartbreaking and sad at times:(

The past two nights he's said: "I want DADDY to read my books! G'night Mommy!"

Did I mention heartbreaking? Ahem...  I'm trying to... adjust?


Vicki said...

Beautiful pic of you and Abram! Also, LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the Santa pic - Abram looks adorable and SO happy and excited, tooooo cute! I took the girls to see Santa (he was a great one, too!) and Ashley wanted no part of it, lol! She kept saying, "No!". Emily of course wanted to sit with him and I couldn't not let her just b/c Ashley wouldn't so I have a really cute pic of Em with him :) This will be a super fun year for Abram, he'll be very excited on Christmas morning - how fun!

Elizabeth Leigh said...

Thanks on the pics!! Aaron does such a great job and he loves taking them too! bonus:)

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