Sunday, April 17, 2011

The Real Deal Egg Hunt

egg hunt #2 was the real deal baby... 

A beautiful sunny afternoon, not quite as cold as last year, a good group of kids but not crazy crowded. 

Abram had two buddies join him for the hunt. 

Dad gave him a pep talk before hand... after the last egg hunt, where we came home with ONE egg, Dad gave the speak. 

"When you hear him say 'Go', you gotta run! Go to the back, fast! grab as many eggs as you can! ok?" 

and a slap on the shoulder, like we were at a sporting event. 

"But don't be an egg hog.... leave some for the others too, ok?" This is me, of course. 

Abram - no response. Just pulling on the police tape, ready to go! 

And he obviously took Dad's pep talk pretty well.... he was off like a shot... 

Loved being the first one out there... 

And checking for the competition... 

But he sorta listened to me too, and wasn't an egg hog. and even shared one of his eggs with his buddy Cole who is a little younger therefore a little slower on the grab... 

Aren't they cute buddies! 

And here's the Mamas with our boys:) 

Here we go again with the easter bunny love:) 

On the ride home, which is about 30 seconds... 

"I got alotta eggs... a lotta lotta LOTTA eggs", arms spreading really wide. 

"that many huh?"

"and theres treats in em. but you say they yucky treats. why?" 

"they're just yucky. bad for your teeth." 

"How that BE?" 


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