Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Valentines Party

The kid had his heart set on me helping with the Valentine's party at his school. 

Though no help was requested, I went anyway, just to be there like he wanted me to be. 

He doesn't own much Red.

Neither does Mom. 

but he sported a red polo and I - well, i don't think i even showed up in Red at all. 

Ryan and Abram - friends since the baby room! 

They're one month apart. 

He loves his cupcakes. Well, really he loves icing. A boy after my own heart!

These kiddos were so cute. Full of chatter, telling me all sorts of cute things, which none can I recall now to post for a good smile or laugh, but - cute;) 

And their favorite foods - all so different. Abram went after his cupcake and ate two huge bowls of pink yogurt. Ryan drank three cups of juice. Cole ate so many corn puffs I don't know how he could move afterward. And Danny ate tons of cheese curls... lol. 

Silly Boys!

He loved me being there and was very anxious to go afterward, grabbing his bag and yanking me out the door. 

We celebrated at home later - a spaghetti dinner with Daddy:) 


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