Monday, December 10, 2007

15 weeks!

I've reached 15 weeks! I'm very excited to have finally moved into the second trimester. The main reason is because I thought that was the miracle... you know, the day you hit 14 weeks (official start of 2nd trimester) your sickness disappears along with your headaches and complete exhaustion? That miracle. Needless to say, when I hit 14 weeks, I didn't get my miracle... a few days after the disappointment, I threw up in my car, again NO miracle. So, I tried to celebrate my 15 week milestone for the same reasons as 14 - with HOPE. Great Hope for feeling myself again... The ultrasound shows me about 5 days behind what the dr says so maybe this is the difference in when I will get my miracle - fingers crossed its now here.

I woke up well this morning and got to work on time - a small feat for me these days. Had everything prepared for my workday which makes a big difference. Knew what I was going to wear, had my lunch packed, water poured, snacks ready, etc. Then arrived on time and in a good mood - whew! Maybe I have gotten some miracle:-)

We had a really nice weekend. Friday I got to do some serious relaxing and also did a bit of house cleaning (which needed it desperately!). I slept in and just pitter pattered around the house the whole day. Yesterday, we joined friends T & S for Indian food at Taste of India in Exton. Their daughter J is incredibly adorable and a complete joy to be around. I was able to eat very well and felt so satisfied after the meal. That felt good!! Plus, its always nice to visit with good friends...

Husband is worried about my 24 weeks off for maternity leave - worried financially. I'm concerned myself and am trying to plan plan plan so we will be okay. But with him worried, I can't. So, i've been examining our budget with a fine tooth comb during downtime at work. Trying to analyze where we can cut corners, where we can eliminate, debts we can pay off. I really want to have those 24 weeks with our baby so I'm very hopeful it will work out...

We are also trying to find a home church. It would be nice to have a good solid church family before the baby comes... it would be a fabulous support to have in addition to wanting a place we can take our child to learn about the bible. We tried Marsh Creek Church in Exton on Sunday. Very nice service. Several friendly folks... thats what we have found very lacking here is people at many churchs are not friendly! but I thought at Marsh Creek they were friendlier than the usual, so that was a big plus. We'll go again a few more times before making a decision.

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