Friday, April 20, 2012

Our Fridays

I could not be more thankful for a job that allows me every Friday off. 

That extra time with my boy is soo wonderful. and soo necessary!

Its mommy/abram day we call it. 

Because now on Mondays, husband is off. 

And that is 'boys day!'

Boys day has only been in operation for about 8 months. 

but mommy/abram day has been happening since I went back to work when we was 5 months old! 

I am still so thankful for it;) 

We sometimes do nothing but lay around the house playing and doing chores together. 

In the warmer months we try to do playdates, go to the park, and go on nature walks. 

With the weather warming, today we went on a walk to pick wildflowers. 

The kid said "they can be for daddy!!" 

So dad came home to a freshly picked bouquet! 

Aren't they pretty? They grow along the road below our house! 

I also ventured into making abram some sidewalk paint. 

Yes making. thank you Pinterest. 

A combo of water, cornstarch, and food coloring. 

While it would wash out of his clothes just fine i feel sure, he still wanted his shirt inside out:) 

It turned out - o.k. Next time I will make the colors darker with more coloring. and also perhaps add less water. The paint was a bit too runny and hard to manage. 

But we had fun with it:) In our Fridays to come, we have more projects and fun things planned. 

Summer Time Fridays are the best:) 

I've been especially cherishing my Fridays with him lately... not many more will it be just the two of us. 

Definitely Bittersweet! 

I can't wait to meet our #2 but am still really treasuring mommy/abram days as well:) 

Monday, April 9, 2012

Easter Time!

Easter Morning Fun -- 

The Easter bunny drops off the kid's basket on the back deck each year:) So its a mad dash for the deck to view the goodies;) 

He was extra excited about his new frisbee and the new kite. 

The frisbee= great. The kite= dud. 

Abram has been saying "why did the Easter Bunny give me a bad kite?" over and over. 

I have no idea honey. No. idea.  

We headed to church for Easter Service.  

My wardrobe is a bit limited being 7 months pregnant - so it was pants for all of us:) 

After Easter brunch out with friends, we came home for our back yard egg hunt. 

So fun! the kid loves it. the hunting, the hiding, counting the eggs, etc. 

He found all the hidden eggs with a few hints here and there... 

We had hidden about 40 plastic eggs! some had treats, some didn't. he shook every single one to 'check for a treat' :-) 

And after finding all we had hidden for him, he did some hiding. then I hid them again. 

We repeated this over. and over. and over. about 12 times. 

I decided I would keep at it with him till he grew tired of it. 

It took awhile haha... but we had a great family day together:) 

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Dying Eggs

Bad Mom confession: I've never let Abram dye eggs before... 

Ouch, i know! 

Easter here in SE Pennsylvania is always cold. so we can't do it outside. 

and we used to have carpet in our dining area. our only dining area. 

I just saw visions of dye all over ivory carpet.

Plus, I didn't think he would care much about the activity. 

But this year - I had no excuses. 

our carpet is gone - YEAA!!!!! 

and when i asked if he would like to dye eggs, I got a loud "YESSS!!!"

Soo, since it was still a little chilly out - and our dining table project is still going - 

we used his table! 

I was a bit frustrated with the boiling process. 3 eggs cracked while boiling! 

I boil eggs sometimes and never have this problem - but alas, for our egg dying project, i'm calling my mother in a tizzy wondering what on earth i'm doing wrong! 

Thankfully, only 3 cracked and - we put egg wraps on those to save them:) 

All others were dyed! 

he took great care in checking his eggs for just the right color ... and well - 

He just loved it! I underestimated the fun of egg dying apparently... 

He can't wait to do it again and luckily I did pick up two kits. 

So we can do it all over again sometime very soon:) 

With his finished product!

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