Sunday, April 8, 2012

Dying Eggs

Bad Mom confession: I've never let Abram dye eggs before... 

Ouch, i know! 

Easter here in SE Pennsylvania is always cold. so we can't do it outside. 

and we used to have carpet in our dining area. our only dining area. 

I just saw visions of dye all over ivory carpet.

Plus, I didn't think he would care much about the activity. 

But this year - I had no excuses. 

our carpet is gone - YEAA!!!!! 

and when i asked if he would like to dye eggs, I got a loud "YESSS!!!"

Soo, since it was still a little chilly out - and our dining table project is still going - 

we used his table! 

I was a bit frustrated with the boiling process. 3 eggs cracked while boiling! 

I boil eggs sometimes and never have this problem - but alas, for our egg dying project, i'm calling my mother in a tizzy wondering what on earth i'm doing wrong! 

Thankfully, only 3 cracked and - we put egg wraps on those to save them:) 

All others were dyed! 

he took great care in checking his eggs for just the right color ... and well - 

He just loved it! I underestimated the fun of egg dying apparently... 

He can't wait to do it again and luckily I did pick up two kits. 

So we can do it all over again sometime very soon:) 

With his finished product!


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