Saturday, March 31, 2012

Tee Ball Time!

It's Tee Ball Time for the kid and the first enrolled activity we've ever signed him up for... 

It's 10 weeks long, only on Saturdays, and finishes just before boy #2 is due... 

So it seemed like perfect timing and meant to be!

plus one of the kid's best buds is on the same team - FUN:) 

His very first day (March!) was COLD. 

and then it also decided to RAIN. 

Cold Rain = not fun and not good pictures either, grrr!

plus a hodgepodge outfit that doesn't match. at all. but was so stinkin' excited!

and do you think he cared it was raining? nope. cold? nope! 

And he took direction so well from the coach. 

almost TOO well, as in his feet seemed to be planted in concrete lol... 

Here he is getting moved to his place in the 'infield'. And once he was placed - he did. not. move. 

there were actually a LOT of tears on day 1. 

Abram didn't get it (i really didn't either!) - "why are kids crying?" he kept asking. 

"They might be nervous..." Dad told him. 

"Nervous??!? huh??" 

Talking to a new teammate... 

They have practice from 9:30 - 10:00. Then a game from 10:00-10:30 every Saturday. 

They each get two turns at bat (two turns meaning two good hits, no matter how many tries). 

He got two good hits right away and loved it! 

and my favorite pic of the day - right after he was done batting, he was so proud of himself and gave us a little wave:) my little cutie pie!! 


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