Saturday, March 17, 2012

Project Time!

Early spring, we like to do some sort of household project. 

We get a small tax refund and always try to put it in the house. 

This year, I may have gone a bit overboard. 

Husband blames PINTEREST. 

I blame pregnancy. 

Either way, we have a LOT of household projects going. 

I sold our dining room table on craigslist after an impulsive buy on a new one at the The Habitat Store. 

Finally got the new table home only to realize it needs to be refinished - completely. 


we're now dining at Abram's table for awhile! 

The kid has loved helping me on the table though... 

check out his sand job! 

There is a lot more to do. Sanding, painting, recovering. Whew. 

I also decided it was a great time to get new carpet. new hardwood. and oh, new trim too!

While we paid someone to install the flooring, I thought husband would love taking on the new trim (it saved us a ton to do it ourselves). 

The kid enjoyed assisting on that project as well.

Ripping out the old baseboards and nailing in some stragglers.

Proper eyewear and lighting is VERY important - see below!

I also threw our queen bed frame to the curb last week after realizing i hated it.

our sleeping quarters are less than plush. boxspring and mattress on the subfloor.

but that's a whole other post for another day!


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