Monday, June 8, 2009


It worked out well that since i was in the posting Mode today, I can update that this evening the kid took his very first steps! Yep! At 5:05pm exactly, he took three steps to me in the dining room... Husband missed this first by about 1 1/2 minutes, as he pulled into the drive around 5:07pm... bummer!! But the kid did do a repeat of the steps for dad - but only two this time. we're super excited, doing lots of clapping, cheering, and laughing.... but also now imagining that the speedy gonzalez we're going to be chasing will now be ON FOOT!!! YIKES!!!

Birthday update - finally!

Not a lot of time for a long post but wanted to get up some pictures of the kids birthday trip to the zoo and him in his new CAR:) He liked the zoo but only really got excited over ONE animal - a horse. We're like @#($ ?? we could have just driven him to a horse farm! Okay, Next Year!

Take Two on the birthday cupcake/candle situation was much more successful - but he still didn't love any of it. the cake, the icing, nothing really but the mess. he seemed to love smearing the icing on his tray and his hands. otherwise, he really didn't eat it. And take note of how far away the candle is from him on take two. didn't want a repeat of finger into flame!

This is when he first spotted and headed towards his car, which we had parked in the front yard after husband put it all together. abram immediately flew to it, crawled on, and was ready for a ride!

he loves loves his car... crawls in and out of his all the time at home. loves going for rides thru the neigborhood and often won't get out, even once we're home and parked in the living room!

He would NOT get out. one night he wasn't feeling well so to make him happy we drove it around and around our downstairs till he was literally falling asleep in it and practically falling out! that is NOT a habit we plan to keep ha.

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