Monday, June 8, 2009


It worked out well that since i was in the posting Mode today, I can update that this evening the kid took his very first steps! Yep! At 5:05pm exactly, he took three steps to me in the dining room... Husband missed this first by about 1 1/2 minutes, as he pulled into the drive around 5:07pm... bummer!! But the kid did do a repeat of the steps for dad - but only two this time. we're super excited, doing lots of clapping, cheering, and laughing.... but also now imagining that the speedy gonzalez we're going to be chasing will now be ON FOOT!!! YIKES!!!


Vicki said...

Oh my goodness!!!!!! That's SO exciting!!!!!!! Get your running shoes on, girl, the fun is about to begin :-). Way to go, Abram!!!

Julia said...

It's all over now!!! Be afraid, be very afraid.

michelle said...

AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!! we need pics now!!

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