Friday, May 28, 2010

The Kid Turns TWO!!!! Part II

A two part birthday celebration made it even more fun and long lasting. Last weekend with the family in western PA and the real birthday weekend with my family and a two year old birthday party with friends. It was a HUGE blessing to have my mom and dad in town to help me put on a two year old birthday bash at the park! I'm not in the practice of having parties or coordinating anything for more than my little family of 3. So having my mom there was critical! Thank you Mom:) You're the best!

Abram had yet another great birthday weekend, getting some great play time in with Big Daddy & Mamaw since they came up from TN. He had a ball with them - and he's later had a ball playing with his new pool!!

We decided it was time to just finish this haircut and get er dun! So part two of the haircut was done by his other mamaw. Kinda nice - his first haircut by his Mamaws;) I apologize for the dark pictures. Why are they dark - because I took them. Husband is the photographer of the family and when I end up snapping some pics, its obvious - because they aren't good!

The party was a huge success despite the early rain. Abram LOVED having nine little 2 year old playmates to run around the playground with. We went with an Elmo Theme since no Big Bird party stuff exists apparently. It was a great weekend - we had just as much fun as he did!!

Friday, May 21, 2010

The Kid Turns TWO!!!! Part I

We can't believe it either. The kid turning two has approached so quickly. I remember New Years Eve night, sitting with the hubby after the kid had long been asleep saying "wow, we're entering into his SECOND year of life... he will turn 2 years old. we'll blink and he'll be 12. then 22 and not want a thing to do with us!" Husband reminded me that that stage will more likely be when he's 16. True.

The weekend before his actual birthday we made the trip over to western PA to have an early celebration with husbands family. Abram LOVES his Pap, Mamaw, Aunt Kel, and cousin Lucy!! He also loved his new tricycle!

It was such a nice celebration and we even worked in a baby shower for another little one entering the family:) Yea! more little cousins!! I love it! Abram played lots of ball, ate lots of cake (a diego cake!), and even got his first haircut. Yes, you read that right. Haircut. well half of a haircut really. We only chopped off the back which had grown rather long to say the least!

All Done!

Friday, May 7, 2010


Late April, Early May, we ventured onto a plane w/ abram to head to Utah for a visit to my sister and her family. The kid had been on a plane once before as a baby and was an angel. This trip however, I was wondering how it would go. He loves airplanes but being on and in one - i wasn't so sure. The Philadelphia airport has the cutest play area for little kids to do all sorts of fun airport play activities. He loved it! and he really enjoyed looking at the planes too.

The flight out was - well - good and bad. I'll start with the bad. We first stepped on and the kid was excited saying Airplane!! then once we sat down in cramped coach, he turned to me and said "All Done Mama! All Done!" ahh, if it were only that simple. From that moment, thru takeoff, and until we got to a cruising altitude, he was That Child. The one thats torturing every other person on the plane and whose parents are trying desperately to shut them up (that was us!). Once we got to a cruising altitude he passed out asleep. Later he was perfectly content watching his DVD's so that went really well. Ahhh...

But then we landed! Whew. and abram finally was reunited with his cousins:) Emily was so so sweet with the little ones and the two 2 year olds had a ball playing and chatting it up with one another!

We got to see lots of sites, eat some great food, and relax too! Here is a pic of us in Park City. Yes, it snowed there!!

The flight home was a whole other story - thank goodness. The kid was completely content and even slept a good bit, thanks to a travel pillow from aunt vicki and family:) and a few other goodies they gave him for an early bday gift were especially helpful too!

Only problem with going to see family is leaving, saying your goodbyes, and missing them even more once you get back home!

Thursday, May 6, 2010

9 Years of Marriage! Yahoo!

Yeppers. We've been married 9 years today. 9 years. Hm. It's starting to sound like a long time. Next year 10! I told husband that I want to go to Hawaii next year to properly celebration such a monumental anniversary! So since I have such grand plans for next year, this year we did a combo celebration of husbands birthday/our anniversary in New Hope, PA. It included bike riding, walking, trails, and dinner - just the two of us!!! a very rare thing!!! The kid spent the day hanging with the Washington Family (thank you guys) while mom/dad had some much needed 1 on 1.

Happy Anniversary to US!

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Picture Day

Spring Picture Day at school and thankfully this year, we actually remembered!! Here he is just before going to school...

The actual professional pictures from school will be sent out sometime soon! This year, they said he actually smiled for one of them! Yea!

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