Friday, May 21, 2010

The Kid Turns TWO!!!! Part I

We can't believe it either. The kid turning two has approached so quickly. I remember New Years Eve night, sitting with the hubby after the kid had long been asleep saying "wow, we're entering into his SECOND year of life... he will turn 2 years old. we'll blink and he'll be 12. then 22 and not want a thing to do with us!" Husband reminded me that that stage will more likely be when he's 16. True.

The weekend before his actual birthday we made the trip over to western PA to have an early celebration with husbands family. Abram LOVES his Pap, Mamaw, Aunt Kel, and cousin Lucy!! He also loved his new tricycle!

It was such a nice celebration and we even worked in a baby shower for another little one entering the family:) Yea! more little cousins!! I love it! Abram played lots of ball, ate lots of cake (a diego cake!), and even got his first haircut. Yes, you read that right. Haircut. well half of a haircut really. We only chopped off the back which had grown rather long to say the least!

All Done!


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