Friday, May 28, 2010

The Kid Turns TWO!!!! Part II

A two part birthday celebration made it even more fun and long lasting. Last weekend with the family in western PA and the real birthday weekend with my family and a two year old birthday party with friends. It was a HUGE blessing to have my mom and dad in town to help me put on a two year old birthday bash at the park! I'm not in the practice of having parties or coordinating anything for more than my little family of 3. So having my mom there was critical! Thank you Mom:) You're the best!

Abram had yet another great birthday weekend, getting some great play time in with Big Daddy & Mamaw since they came up from TN. He had a ball with them - and he's later had a ball playing with his new pool!!

We decided it was time to just finish this haircut and get er dun! So part two of the haircut was done by his other mamaw. Kinda nice - his first haircut by his Mamaws;) I apologize for the dark pictures. Why are they dark - because I took them. Husband is the photographer of the family and when I end up snapping some pics, its obvious - because they aren't good!

The party was a huge success despite the early rain. Abram LOVED having nine little 2 year old playmates to run around the playground with. We went with an Elmo Theme since no Big Bird party stuff exists apparently. It was a great weekend - we had just as much fun as he did!!


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