Wednesday, March 30, 2011

How That Be?

Not sure where he picked up this line - but its a common one around these parts these days...

Anything he inquires about, the phrase from the kid is, "How That Be?!?"

How that be Mommy... ?

How that be Daddy... ?

Well, I dunno Abram - how it be?

I think he's just trying to trip us up from ignoring a few of his thousand 'why why why why's!

As he sees us tiring of them, he's throwing in a 'how that be' for kicks...

He's been practicing his thumbs up too. See?

Can you tell my point and shoot camera has turned into junk? Somehow the cover on the lens doesn't open up the whole way, so all of my pictures have two dark corners. lovely. the last thing i'm dying to spend money on is a camera. BUT - for good quick pics of the kid, I clearly need one. Need. 

On a final note, we threw together a last minute outfit for yet another school picture day.

A day that brings me guilt. I don't run out and buy a special outfit for every picture day. Guilty Mom.

Also I feel guilty I'm not dying to buy the pictures when they come back!

So guilty, that I usually always Buy Some! Dumb I know... i know...

I prefer pictures husband takes but somehow not buying any of the traditional school pictures guilts me.

I don't ever take him to school in the mornings since I get to work at 6am (the worst. don't do it.) so husband takes that job. He snapped me a quick pic so I could see our boy:)

No other news on this front except upcoming company (Big Daddy and Mamaw!), planned golf outings (with Big Daddy!), and some new furniture for the kid (its arriving tomorrow!).... its Big Boy Furniture for our soon to be 3 year old!

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Let's Go Golfin'

When the kid heard Pap & Memaw were coming to visit... he was more than excited to see them but also to play golf with Pap! Since it was March and the kid is only 2 1/2, we didn't setup any tee times but opted to take him to the driving range down the road from us. We went on Friday evening and again on Saturday since everyone had so much fun.

Pap & Memaw got a FLIP camera, so for this visit, we did a lot of videos as opposed to pictures. but we still got some good pics too, mainly of golfing! We were too busy using that FLIP:) Here's a golfing video sample from our outing on Saturday. Take note of his follow thru - very Arnold Palmer according to husband... :-)

The kid got instructions from everyone - except Mom (me!) because I don't know the first thing about golfing! He listened well, and even repeated things to himself later as he focused, "spread my legs, head down, look at the ball, square up, " etc. so so cute;)

We had a great visit, lots of good food, some much needed rest and family time, plus some enjoyable golf time too:)

The kid was so excited when they arrived and sad sad on Sunday morning to wake up and they were gone...

Luckily, we had another grandparent visit planned from my folks, in just a couple weekends!

The kid is already planning on taking them golfing too...

"Big Daddy, he like golfin? He does. He does!"

Wednesday, March 9, 2011


Not much special has been going on around these parts.... we've had a lot of rain recently... so the kid has taken to sporting around in my rain boots I wear to work... they aren't the most cozy on his toesies but he rolls with it anyway... 

We had some recent company - my bestest friend Robin, my college girl:) Abram took right to her, which I had no doubt he would! He was sad to see her go, calling out "I want my Robin Backkkkk". I assured him she had her own two crazy little boys just like him to get back to! 

And - In Closing.... 

Some recent questions from the kid to Dad: 

While putting him to bed at night, "Are you going to play with your toys now Daddy?" 
Another night as he got his good night kiss, "Are you going to watch your shows now Dad?" 

He's looking forward to an upcoming visit from Memaw & Pap, next weekend. 
Mom and Dad are too! 

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