Wednesday, March 9, 2011


Not much special has been going on around these parts.... we've had a lot of rain recently... so the kid has taken to sporting around in my rain boots I wear to work... they aren't the most cozy on his toesies but he rolls with it anyway... 

We had some recent company - my bestest friend Robin, my college girl:) Abram took right to her, which I had no doubt he would! He was sad to see her go, calling out "I want my Robin Backkkkk". I assured him she had her own two crazy little boys just like him to get back to! 

And - In Closing.... 

Some recent questions from the kid to Dad: 

While putting him to bed at night, "Are you going to play with your toys now Daddy?" 
Another night as he got his good night kiss, "Are you going to watch your shows now Dad?" 

He's looking forward to an upcoming visit from Memaw & Pap, next weekend. 
Mom and Dad are too! 


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