Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Happy Valentine's Day from Abram Crockett

Somehow, I managed to put about everything off until the last minute, including things for the kid's school. Case in point - me and the kid up late making valentines for his classmates on the night before. 

Since I didn't feel like heading back out, again, for the pre-printed boring ones, we decided to use what we had and make our own! Especially since this might be the last year the kid lets Mom decide what kind he'll take to school. 

I found some brown paper bags, markers, stickers, twine ribbon, and crayons. We setup the valentine making station on the dining room table and got to work. 

It surprised me how into it he was... he kept asking, "Whose this one for?" 

Benjamin I would say. Or Sophia. Or Elizabeth. 

"Oh Benjamin will love it!" "Sophia loves Red!" "Elizabeth will like her flower!" 

We were in such a rush to make these babies, I forgot to clean him up after dinner. The evidence is all over his face and cheeks. We must have had pasta? or Ravioli's?  

He even got so intent on coloring Sophia's, you can barely read the Valentine message. But hey, Sophia is 3 and I'm having my doubts she can read anyway! 

Didn't they turn out so precious? and homemade? I loved 'em! 

I'm already anticipating having to take Diego valentines next year. Or train. Or race cars. 

I could not believe the big loot of candy and valentines and full sized cards this kid brought home from school after the valentine party! 

"How was your party?" I asked. 

"So good Mommy! I had cake, ice cream, donuts, candy, and pretzels, and fruit, and candy!"

He didn't touch his dinner. No surprise there. 

But he was most excited about his valentines package he got in the mail. He opened up the box mailed from Maryville TN with a big "HUH? What is it mommy?!?" 

A hat. And not just any ole hat. The coolest hat he'd never seen before. Can you tell he loves it?

He insisted on wearing it out that weekend. 

We ran errands to walmart, sam's club, and went out to lunch. 

He was the talk of every place we went in, people grinning, jabbing one another to point out the adorable little guy in the coonskin hat, and even saying to us, "That is soo cute and soo funny!" 

The adventures of Abram Crockett:) 


Maggie said...

Adorable! I love the hat

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