Monday, February 25, 2008

25 weeks, 4 days, 5 weeks, 4 days, etc...

Long time no write... maybe because nothing extremely eventful has occurred? Or i have just been overcome with laziness, haven't written, and cannot create a reasonable excuse. Again though, nothing extremely eventful has occurred therefore I felt no push to post my usual complaints and drab writings. Currently, I've reached 25 weeks and 4 days -pregnant that is, hence the title of this blog. I haven't thrown up in apx. 5 weeks and 4 days too - so things are looking up... to me, nothing was worse than the ongoing sickness. I've had other friends tell me when they were pregnant they hated - then their list of things such as - strangers touching your belly, people telling you you are 'getting big', the constant 'how are you feeling' question, 'do you have a name', 'is it a boy/girl', etc, the dreadful horror stories people insist on telling, and so on. Sure some of this is annoying but personally - after feeling like i had the flu for 15 weeks, none of these things bother me. I'm just continually thankful each day that i can eat, go to work, drink water, and function! So i'll answer all those persistent questions, nod at unwarranted advice, and smile when folks say 'you're getting big!'

At the end of January we found out we're having a boy... i wasn't prepared for this. i was convinced it was and would be a girl. i looked at girl clothes, thought of girl names, talked to 'her' frequently - all to find out, its a boy?!? what?!! no. are you sure? the tech moved the wand to just the right place - oh yes, she's sure. it was obvious. Husband and I had both wanted a girl - but really i think husband just hoped for this for my sake, when he really didn't care. We later learned, after breaking the news to family, that everyone else was hoping for a boy! I should have known I had my own family working against me:) This will be the first grandson for either side of the family - mine or husband's. So, theres an extra excitment added to it i suppose.

I had an older brother as a kid (and still do ha) but preferred an opposite arrangement for my own family - girl first and then boy or another girl, whatever. oh well. I've had other currently pregnant friends tell me they 'felt guilty' they wanted one sex when it was actually the other. But not me. I don't feel guilty. Because i know i'm going to love this boy with every inch of my being and he will be the most wonderful addition to our family. But that doesn't change the fact i wanted a girl to be the oldest. I don't feel guilty - it was just my feelings... no harm in them.

I've grown comfortable with the idea of a boy though - and look forward to the experience we'll have with him. We are anxious to meet him and knowing it is a HE makes it much more real. He is rather active too. I've gone from feeling 'bumps' to feeling jolts, stretches, booms from inside. He's most active when i lay down for bed (probably not a good sign eh?) but it doesn't yet keep me awake.

Without the sickness, i have no horrible side effects of pregnancy. just little things like some mild lower back pain (sort of like a pinched nerve), lack of energy, and swelling of my hands...

I've had the itch to clean our house top to bottom - well more so clean OUT the house top to bottom. I'm not scrubbing floors, I'm wanting to throw things out, donate to the goodwill, sell no ebay, just get rid of the excess. Plus we needed to move our guest room into the office to then convert the guest room into the kid's room. we accomplished most of that this weekend and it exhausted me! But, the guest room is setup and done and the office done away with (or somewhat combined with the guest room). Now we can begin the kid's room... Husband has to do the bulk of this work - he doesn't want me to lift more than .1lbs at the time so this eliminates me carrying anything more than a picture frame down to the basement for storage. Its sweet - he is always full of concern. He also feels I shouldn't help paint the kid's room... but i wanted to help with this - husband is not a neat painter. he painted one room in our house and it was a slight disaster. primer on the ceiling, bits of gray paint on the wood floors, didn't use tape, etc. ya catch my drift. So i've painted everything else in our house ever since. Fingers crossed husbands second paint job goes much better and much neater!

Names - husband will pick. We agreed beforehand if it was a boy, he could pick and if it was a girl, i would. So husband wins. I'm fine with that. He has it narrowed down to two options - and i like both. But we plan to keep the name mum till he's born:) no need for unnecessary opinions that don't coincide with ours!

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