Thursday, April 17, 2008

33 weeks along

Today, I've reached 33 weeks. So 7 more to go, if I deliver on the due date, which is merely an estimate so who knows. Several times I've thought, 'well if i deliver early...', 'if he comes early...' but it just occurred to me, i could be overdue. My friend K who lives in NC was due April 12. we talked that day - no action she says. we talked on the 13th and again no action. i started having nightmares of my own about the kid staying in my belly way past my DD of June 5th! yikes. K gave birth only two days late, on the 14th and she handled 'being overdue' much better than i would have. My obgyn tells me that anything two weeks AFTER my DD is still normal. and they wouldn't induce before then unless necessary. I think, so you're telling me that as of June 22 this kid might still be in there just chillin?!?

In the past week i've noticed my mood has shifted and i'm just down and out. Maybe i'm just tired and worn down. tired of being pregnant. all very possible. i really thought with the nice spring like weather having arrived, i would feel energetic and in high spirits. But i have no energy and am just down. I'm sure it will pass... or hope so cause i don't want another 7 weeks of feeling like a complete slug.

I realize that my whole pregnant blog is a list of complaints lol. but i'm wanting to be honest for everyone else just as much as myself. i want to remember what i was really thinking/feeling while pregnant. While wrapped up in the massive amounts of love and bliss with my new son... i'm sure at some point i'll think maybe we should have another. THIS is for me to read, reminding myself of the reality and saying to ME - do you really want to do this again?? really??


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