Friday, August 29, 2008

14 weeks old...

He's 14 weeks old and growing so fast. Its amazing how much faster time goes when you have a child and you watch them change and grow daily. Abram's personality is developing and he's showing his likes and dislikes these days which is nice and not so nice sometimes. Like one - he likes to sit up. Not so nice about that - he can't sit up on his own! So, we hold him up, put him in his swing or bouncy, sit him in his stroller, carry him in the baby bjorn, but don't prop him up - no, that is no good. You lay him flat on the couch which used to be perfectly fine - Nope, he cries out, No. haha. He doesn't insist on being held all the time which is a relief. But yesterday, he wanted my eyes on him at all times. I didn't have to be holding him, or even playing with him, just at least looking at him.

He's 14 weeks and two days old today and overall a great little baby. I feel so lucky. He's sleeping great. Eating well. Gaining weight. Happy and Smiling most days. Last night he went to bed at 9:30pm and this morning woke at 8am. He had been waking for a 5am feeding but apparently last night he either was so exhausted he didn't wake for it OR he just isn't going to need it anymore... ? Thats what we're hoping!

Husband had class last night from 6-9pm so he didn't get to see Abram all day yesterday. He felt he missed out on too much.

"He enjoyed his bath tonight", I say.

"I missed his bath!?! Man! I can't believe that. We need to do that on a night i'm home", he protests.

"He'll have lots of baths hon", I remind him.

"He won't always be this age though". Good point.

Note to self - do bath night on evenings when Husband is home. Husband adores being a dad and is So incredibly helpful to me, I don't want to rob him of ONE second he wants to cherish.


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