Friday, October 31, 2008

first pumpkin

Last week, lucky for us, husbands mom had the chance to come out and be with the kid as I worked my first week back at work in 5 months. I did a 3 day (10hr day) work week to try and ease into things a bit. It was so nice knowing I was leaving the kid at home with her for my first week. It was a huge help having her here! she also bought abram his first pumpkin!

This week I returned to work for my full work schedule - monday thru thursday, 10 hour days. The kid started daycare on monday, with husband being in charge of dropping off and me in charge of pick-up. Lets just say that by Thursay I was dying to leave, go get him, and just hold him all night long! but we like the daycare and overall things went well.

Thursday, October 2, 2008

19 weeks

The kid is now 19 weeks old. I've come to realize that a lot of the fabulous clothes he received as gifts just aren't going to be worn, must to my disappointment. The season is changing and he is growing... I hurriedly try to put him in short sleeve things that are too big, just to work them in. We've gone to a couple "outgrown sales" that are put on my local ladies in the community so he now has a winter jacket, more pants, hats, and long sleeves - even a couple sweaters. I not only love going to the outgrown sales and was previously puzzled by how many things still had tags on them. Now, i realize why - people love to give clothes as a gift, often its impossible for the kid to wear them all, and you sadly don't end up using some stuff. Therefore - we get new items for consignment prices - love it:) and we're loving his new little hats too - obviously he doesn't know what to think of them! ha.

Last night was bath night and he's started to really enjoy the kicking, splashing, water dripping, hair washing, soapy suds:)

He can't seem to roll over again... he tries, from the back, the belly, but its a no go thus far... he seems to think, hey i've done it once, didn't like it, done with it.

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