Monday, May 18, 2009

Smoothie Time

I've been into green smoothies for the past year or so and while i'm drinking them, the kid started to beg for some... so one day i made it, ensuring that he could have all that was in there, and gave him a bit of his own. he LOVED it and wanted more!

He took right to the straw too, and seemed to enjoy drinking out of it. His first green smoothie was a mixture of banana, apple, rice milk, a touch of vanilla, and a handful of spinach. for those going "ew!" you seriously don't even taste the greens. its yummy good and tasty! Some other combos we do include Kale as the greens, and other fruits such as oranges, pears, berries, and once he hit 11 months old, i tossed in some raw fresh ground flax seeds for the omegas:) his favorite combo is banana, pear, spinach, flax, a dash of vanilla and a few pieces of avocado. but heck, he loves it all...

Clearly - he loves it!

One night we had some post green smoothie puke though. I honestly thought, wow he is drinking way too much of this, but convinced myself that when he'd had enough he would stop drinking it. well, obviously that didn't quite happen. and he was too full. so full that he couldn't get to sleep and (me not knowing) i started swinging and swaying him back and forth to get him to sleep - normally this helps. that night though, he puked. lol and then went right to sleep. ha. needless to say, after that i give him a designated amount of smoothie and when thats gone - thats it! cleaning up green puke = not fun.

He's had several more since and they're a part of his normal diet now! Basically this kid eats anything though. there isn't much he refuses! He's a good eater. and we're hoping he'll pass that 20lb mark on his one year old well baby visit. Then he can FINALLY face foward in that carseat!


Julia said...

THose smoothies are good. I bought some of the odwalla ones and the kids love them too. And green puke. Blech!!!! But at least he likes them and will drink them up yum.

Vicki said...

So, so cute! Ashley loves the smoothies, too :-). Glad to see he's taken to the straw, he looks so cute drinking from it! Such a big boy! Happy Birthday, Abram!!!

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