Sunday, July 19, 2009

off topic but ...

This blog is really for the kid. but the husband deserves a post himself and i meant to do it a month ago ! the husband has been working on his bachelors degree for years and years ... while we've been married and some before. he really forged ahead once abram was born, wanting to finish it up to have it done and get more family time. plus he was oh so close! As of June 30, Aaron now holds a bachelors degree in Fine Arts from West Chester University. I am so so proud of him and can't begin to tell him how much it means to me, and our family, that he worked so hard ... and achieved his goal. I'm thankful to have such a dedicated husband and a great dad for abram:)

naked baby on the loose!

Once the kid took his first steps, he's on the move, and quickly. he's learned how to go fast, not quite running, but like a really brisk, fast walk. especially when he's trying to get away from us! He'll grab something he knows he's not supposed to have, and take OFF! OR - in the midst of a diaper change on the floor, he will squirm away and go running ... the evidence as follows;)

long time, no type ...

Ahh, my last post was June 8th !? yikes. i knew it had been a long time. but thats too long! we've been busy with travel, summer stuff, work, the kid, the list goes on, as i'm sure everyone's does this time of year. but its all been fun stuff:)

i'm just going to post a few random pics here that we actually have uploaded onto the cpu from husbands camera. i took many photos of my/the kids trip to TN for july 4th with my point/shoot camera and other shots that i'll need to post but - don't have those uploaded onto here yet so - SOON!

He still enjoys his bath a great deal ... and needs a bath MUCH more often than before! he comes home from daycare with who knows what in his hair - his Lunch, mulch, dirt, sunscreen, other unknown particals...

The kid has become increasingly obsessed with being outside. the moment he gets up - he points out the door, says out, and freaks when he can't go. so needless to say, we are spending a lot more time outdoors and he loves it.

He fights the hat - and will only keep it on when its really sunny outside ... otherwise, he throws it. always.

He loves our deck. we put some of his push toys out there and he can push things around, look to the trees, other yards, our yard, and we can lounge at the table reading and keeping him close by. its right off our dining room so an easy 'outdoor time' spot for him, where we can keep him close.

and lastly, some 'new' jammies, compliments of hand me downs from kimberly and cody. Thanks Guys! he loves them:) this pic was made the night i left to head down to TN and we were saying Bye Bye to Daddy who stayed behind to work.

More to come - soon - i promise;)

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