Thursday, September 10, 2009

falls and teeth...

I debated whether to do it or not. Should I? Shouldn't I?

A. Why not - it will only be a few hours! B. But why - its only a short appointment, so take him along!

I guess its how moms analyze each little (or big) decision to be made for their child.

Sometimes theres a right decision. and a wrong one. Other times its just a decision, being right nor wrong. just two options, A and B, and you pick one. So you pick B, and later think - dammit! i knew A was better! ahhh hindsight - a great thing. if only practical, right?

I decided to take him to daycare last friday. even though i never do. i went with husband to an appointment and wanted to sit in a doctor's office without pulling abram away from the magazine racks, hushing him as he yells hi to other patients, and racing over to keep him away from the open outlets. So i dropped him off. For a whole three hours. and later realized i really should have gone with A!

Thirty whole minutes after drop off, he fell and hit three of his front teeth on a wooden bookshelf. There was blood and tears!

After a morning appointment with husband, i spent my afternoon at an emergency pediatric dental appointment. Good Times!

Yes. Three teeth injured and knocked loose. They did an x-ray. pushed and prodded and confirmed what i feared. Yikes. i've taken all his other little injuries in stride, but this one made me sick!

We go back in 5 weeks so the dentist can check them and he said its very possible they will tighten back up! i hope so! his orders were for the kid to not bite into anything for the next 5 weeks or use hard top bottles or sippy cups. the sippy cup thing - no problem. the not biting into (or chewing on) anything hard part - HA. He's a teething 15 month old boy. keeping things out of his mouth = next to impossible! but we're trying!!

So there was no right or wrong decision i made... i'm trying to remind myself, crap just happens! And i'm glad it was no worse than it was ... and i suppose its just a small dose of the many million more times i'll feel guilty about my kid in the years to come...


Julia said...

That is devastating to go through. I am thinking they will tighten up and he should be ok. Wyatt whacked one tooth and it is dead but it's still in his mouth so he can use it. Teeth are so very stressful for me too. But don't beat yourself up. He could have tripped while you were corralling him at the dr's office just as well. Just give him some applesauce on my behalf.

Vicki said...

Ah, you will always feel guilty no matter what - it's the mom curse! He will be fine and like you said, this is probably just the beginning, sorry. I will be right there with you as I have a monkey, too!

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