Sunday, November 1, 2009


Husband and I each picked up a wig for halloween. I was going to be a 'blonde' for halloween and husband was headed to a concert that night and dressed up as early 90's eddie vedder. My wig was blonde. husband was brown.

I took this one to see if me being a blonde made me look more like abram - i dunno!

abram loved the blonde wig. on me. on him. and on dad! ha.

but he was SO funny about the brown wig. running from it and not wanting to put it on his head but laughing... we finally got him to have it on for a split second...


Vicki said...

That's so funny that he liked the blonde one but not the brown one! I don't know, you kind of freaked me out as a blonge, ha ha ha!!!

Julia said...

The wigs look like fun! I think next year I have an idea. Or rather am stealing an idea!!!

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