Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Snow Day!!!

I've been praying for a snow day to snow me in with the kid during the week - well - all winter!! and Yes, we've gotten some huge storms but all have hit on the weekend. Great. I do enjoy the snow but enjoy it much more when it gets me out of work!! So finally, last night, a nor'easter hit our area on a thrilling Tuesday night... it started snowing at 10pm and its still snowing now at 10pm tonight. 24 hours of snow and high winds. All Major roadways are closed leading into the city... so not only did i get today, tomorrow seems to be a possibility as well!

This snow is falling on top of our 20 some inches leftover from the weekend so we look like we live in a frozen snowy tundra at this point. Its the craziest winter we've had since we moved here 7 1/2 years ago.

We slept in today and the kid finally decided we'd all get up about 9am. We had our morning time with sesame street - him with his hemp milk and me with my hot cocoa while dad battled the snow, trying to get ahead of the shoveling. Soon enough, we took the kid out to enjoy some snow time! Our snows this seasons have all been big so the kid hasn't really liked the snow much. it's been too overwhelming for him to get into it.

But today the wind wasn't too bad and our neighbors came out with us. Their son is only one month older than Abram. So the boys played ball together, built a snowman, crawled on snowpiles, used Avery's slide, were pulled around on sleds, and even went snow tubing as some other neighbors came out and joined us! Last time we took abram snow tubing, he despised it. But today - he loved it and was yelling "more more!!" as soon as we came to a stop!

He took a long nap this afternoon - i think he was worn out from all the activity! We ventured out once more before dark to stomp around in the street, which was the only place we could even walk around due to the depth of snow. The wind had really picked up at this point so our time out was short, much to the kids dismay! We came in for some dinner, a nice warm bath, and some relaxation with "go Diego go" - which husband and i are sick of, yet somehow the kid isn't. If I have to watch Diego save one more emperor penguin i'm going to vomit lol ...

The kids now in bed and we're about to head that way ourselves. Overall, a great family day, perfect day for making memories. and we loved every minute of it!


Vicki said...

How fun! Great photos, too :-)

Unknown said...

this sounds like a perfect day... just perfect.

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