Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Diaper Free Days!

The kids first diaper free day at daycare was a complete Success!! No Accidents!!

After finding out the kids favorite teacher in the whole wide world is leaving, Ms. Emma, (insert a big long sad sigh here - sigh), we decided to go for it while we still had her on board!! 

He picked out Diego underoos that morning and left dad with a "i not pee on diego" at bye bye time... 

Diego & Abram both came home dry and happy:)  Mom & Dad are pretty stinkin' happy too! 


Meagan said...

Congrats, congrats!! Judah is now on board with #2's as well! We have a happy little house around here. Oh yeah, we also do the whole, "Don't go pee-pee on" whoever it is that day! Boys!

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