Sunday, December 5, 2010

Elizabeth Farms trip

We headed to Elizabeth Farms in Lancaster County today to chop down our very own live Christmas Tree!  We've passed this xmas tree farm along the PA turnpike for many years during this time of year. We would see the horses pulling wagons out to the fields and kids and families piled on. This year, we joined the fun:)

The kid loved the wagon ride and seeing the horses plug along. we even rode through a creek at one point, with the kid exclaiming, "We go thru a river!!"

The trails back to the trees were windy, muddy, and went through some beautiful scenery. We looked for a perfect tree, and of course, there was no perfect tree. So we settled for a good one. The highest we wanted was a 7 footer, especially after checking out the prices at this joint. Ouch. 

Thankfully there were complimentary saws for our use. I hadn't thought for a second to cart my own saw and hatchet! We chose our tree, cut it down, and tagged the top with our name & number. Wagons came by, picked up the trees and took them to the loading area.

 Taking his turn on the hand saw... he was dying to get in there and help Daddy!

Arriving back at the barn, we visited Santa's workshop in the barn and the gift shop 'round back. The kid sipped on free hot cocoa while I browsed over priced tree stands. We had to buy one since we've never had a live tree before. This tree stand better last forever is all i'm saying!

On our way out, the boys had a chance to visit the farm animals - sheep, goats, and chickens! They were more than thrilled when they got a few Cockadoodle-do's out of those chickens! Clearly we aren't normally hangin' round chickens in these parts...

The tree is in the stand, trimmed, watered and white lights are on. Decorations will come tomorrow evening hopefully. When the kid came down after nap, he grinned from ear to ear when he spotted it - and the lights weren't even on!


Jon Nixon said...

Hi Elizabeth,

I'm currently working on a new website for Elizabeth Farms and came across your photos. They're wonderful! I was wondering if I could have permission to use some of them in the new design?

Thanks in advance!

Jon Nixon


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