Saturday, September 17, 2011

Favorite Lines & A Story

The kid has some favorite lines he likes to say - over and over. 

He doesn't just say them. 

He yells them. Yells. 

Not screaming at us (most of the time) but just being - Loud.

And he throws in a big huff and puff afterward too ha.

Here's a few of the shining examples, with #1 being the most famous of all:) 

1. I am NOT Tired!!! 

2. NOOOoooo!!!

3. I Don't WANNA take a NAP!!!

4. I don't WANNA go to school!!!

5. I need Waterrrrr!!! 

6. But - But - But I really wannaaa  (___fill in the blank___ )!!!

7. I don't wanna Go to BED!!!

8. I don't like this dinner!!! 

9. When is it gonna be Halloween?!?! 

10. I said Goodnight Mommy!!! 

11. Nelly is Licking me!!!

He's also taken to throwing out a few stories here and there... most of them are tiny (and cute!) little white lies. But once in awhile he goes on and on with a real whopper. 

Me: How was show and tell today? 

Kid: Silence. clearly ignoring me. 

Me: How was show and tell Abram? 

Kid: I didn't get to do it. huffing. 

Me: Why not?? What happened?? 

Kid: I got in trouble. Me and Danny. 

Me: what were you doing? 

Kid: (mumbling and talking fast) I didn't wanna take a nap and then i wasn't laying down and miss dee said (changes his voice) - abram lay down! (back to his voice) and i didn't and i got in trouble and i didn't get to do show and tell. and i didn't.  another huff. 

Me; Oh well. I guess if you don't follow the rules -

Kid: And Then, Miss Linda - she told me not to come back. Uh Huh. 

Me: come back where? 

Kid; To school. she told me not to come back there. nodding. 

Me: Oh wow. well That sure seems serious. Hmmm... 

Kid: Yea. but Dad will probably take me anyway. big sigh


Vicki said...

That is PRICELESS, lol!!!!!! He's talking way more than Ashley.... I'm hoping school will help although would probably help if she went more than two days a week :/ I am so freaking excited to see you guys in a couple of weeks!!!! Love you!

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