Friday, November 25, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving from my silly family to yours! 

Saturday, November 19, 2011


I put off blogging for one reason. 

I have a terribly hard time picking which pictures to put on! 

We take so many. I have LOTS of choices. 

and its so hard to pick just a few. 

This post. Disney. 

How do you pick 'just a few'? 

We were gone 7 days, spent 5 days at Disney Parks.

I have so many pictures, I don't know if I have even seen them all? 

But I guess I'll hit the high points. 

The trip was awesome. 

My parents were with us for a few days and we were thrilled to have them join us;) 

My mama is vacation planner queen so her help is Huge! 

And my dad is so low maintenance on what we do, you hardly know he's there... 

Abram knew they were there. and loved it. As we did! 

Breakfast with Mickey is a must. 

The food rocked. and a guaranteed meet and greet with the characters was well worth it too! 

We hope to go back. In about 5 years. 

That should give us ample time to rest up! 

A few more photos of our trip below... 

Airplane Ride to Florida - Lots of kids on the flight.  they all cheered when we took off and again when we landed! So fun!

A hug from Donald... He loved the Breakfast so much he could hardly eat... 

Waiting on the nighttime parade and fireworks!

All of us with Minnie! 

Epcot Phone Booth. Abram said "what is that thing? Why is the phone in that box?"  

Digging for dinosaur bones with Dad at Animal Kingdom...

A Major highlight of his trip - meeting Lightning McQueen at Hollywood Studios!

He rode the teacups. Only about 22 times. 

And he had one of these every. single. day. As did his Mama!

Oh and one final note - do not take a 3 1/2 year old into "Its a Bugs Life". He was NOT. A. FAN. 

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