Monday, May 14, 2012

Mothers Day Coconuts!

Anyone else have a boy who is desperate to drink out of a coconut? 

For days, he's been asking - "Can we get some coconut milk?" 


"I really need some coconut milk!!" 

So we hunted at our local grocery. 

I showed him the cans of coconut milk. NO!!! 

I showed him the containers of coconut water. NO!!! 

IN a Coconut!

I'm guessing Jake and the Neverland Pirates do this? 

Not sure but whatever brought this up wasn't going away! 

So after church, we were off to the health food store for a coconut!  

While there was mild disappointment that the coconut was already peeled (without the original shell), it was the ONLY coconut we could locate, so he was willing to make it work. 

This also meant I didn't have to pull out a hammer i think haha... 

After finally cutting a hole in the top, we were ready to go!!

He loved it!

And my sweet boy and me on Mothers Day weekend:-) 

He made me the cutest little handprint flower pot with his own prints and picture! 

He was so excited to have made me his own gift - i love it! I might make a picture to add here later. Its precious!! 


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