Tuesday, January 15, 2008


Last Saturday, husband went to watch the Steelers game with J and T out in Blue Bell, PA. I encouraged him to do so - with my lack of socialness recently, I really didn't want to feel I was depriving him of any such thing. I'm even more grateful now that I did this - as it turned out to be the last Steelers game of the season:( I watched the second half from bed. It was a close game... I yelled at bad calls, cheered for the steelers driving down the field and then "bump... bump... " from the belly! What was that - I thought. I immediately lay very still, eyes glued to my stomach.... "nudge" there it was again! I was 100% sure it was the baby... in all my excitement over the game, i had stirred the kid awake and the kid was nudging back! This went on for over 45 minutes... a little nudge here and there. Wow. By this point, the fourth quarter was close to being over but i couldn't help it. I had to call Husband.

"HELLO??" He yells into the phone, over a background full of bar noise.

"Hey! Guess what?!"

"WHAT?!?!" He yells back, puzzled sounding, like he hadn't even heard me.

"I said guess what?!"

"I can BARELY hear you... but okay, what?!" the bar noise worsens as the game goes on.

"I felt the BABY MOVE!"



"THE BABY? WHAT? IT MOVED?!" He questions.

"YYEESS! I'll see you when you get home," I yell, wondering why I even called.

Now, over a week later, the kid moves daily. One evening the kid was so active and strong, I swore to Husband he could feel it. He placed his hand on the bump and after much patience, he finally feel a nudge. "There it was!" He says.

Its amazing. And as I sit here, I can feel it, moving on and off. I'm in awe there is a living, breathing human inside my body. I'm in complete awe of how God designed us...


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