Thursday, September 25, 2008

17 weeks

17 weeks

I know I'm a week late posting his 17 week old photos but better late than never. We have low batteries in the camera and a full memory card so picture taken has slowed a great deal here at our house. Sure we could buy batteries and delete some pics from the memory card but why do that? Thats too easy! We're nowing saving all the pics to the computer yet for some reason, i still feel bad to delete them from the memory card. weird. i know. so i'm sending husband to target to get a bigger, better, hold more pictures memory card so we can snap away and breath easily without having to delete the kids pics from the memory card. Now, If I can only get to the CVS to actually print the photos! That would be a milestone!

It's nice to finally get some pictures of him smiling. He smiles SO much now but its hard to capture in a photo because the moment he seems the flash light up he is distracted and turns so serious... thinking, whats that!? He's reaching for things these days. First thing he really reached for was husbands red tie. Second was the polar bear that hangs above his pack n play changing table. Third and now most often is "Mr. Snail" on his bouncey seat. He regularly reaches out to Mr. Snail now... not the frog, or the turtle who are right there and similar colors. Nope. Only Mr. Snail.


Vicki said...

So, so cute. He looks like he can't decide if he wants to laugh or cry in that photo, though - ha ha! I can't believe how much he's changing - I have GOT to get to PA!

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