Thursday, September 25, 2008

18 weeks old

He's growing so fast! and making so many new faces each day. The kid turned 18 weeks old yesterday. After what felt like 18 weeks of daycare tours, (but was realistically two) we've finally settled on a daycare for him. La Petite Academy (sounds fancy but don't be deceived, its just a daycare) is three buildings down from husbands work and most convenient. Husband can drop him off as he arrives at work and I can do pickups on the evenings husband has class. They had the best hours, serve meals, and have some sort of curriculum we didn't pay much attention to. The kid will be 5 months old when he starts. What sort of infantile curriculum can they possible sell me? Just play with him and hold him for crying out loud. Thats what i want from you...

His fourth month checkup with the dr was Monday. All went well till the kid got the shot in the leg and the drops in the mouth, neither of which did he care for, at all. The dr basically said hes long and lean with an average size head. I'll take that.

"Has he rolled over?" the dr asks.

"Oh no, and he doesn't even seem interested in it. He doesn't like to be on his tummy much, but he has rolled to his side a couple times." I respond, not worried about him rolling over. And not really wanting him to roll over actually... because I'm not ready! He starts rolling and rolling leads to... well, it leads to something more mobile i'm sure!

"Rolling onto his side is good. He should be rolling over soon. Just give him more tummy time to encourage it, ok?"

"Sure, Okay." Thinking to self, again i say, he doesn't like tummy time. Ahh oh well.

Good thing husband wasn't along for this visit. He would fret that she seems to think the kid should have rolled over when he hasn't. She didn't say that. He would have sworn she thought it though. His first missed pediatrician visit. Probably a good one to miss. I later tell him in a quick summary the events of the visit, quickly skimming past the rolling over chat, condensing it to a mere sentence, like it was barely spoken.

The kid has also gotten a little sentence to me being loud. With kid in the bjorn and walking the dogs, a wild cat jumped out of a bush, practically attacking the dogs and scaring me, I screamed. The kid broke into tears. Later, I'm holding him on my lap and suddenly laugh out loud at an old Everybody loves Raymond episode. Again, he broke into tears.

Tonight, though trying to work in more "tummy time", the kid still wasn't loving it. So, i move him to his back and place his toys around. He swings his legs over, moves to his side, and whoops, there it was, he rolled over onto his belly. and did not like it. He's face first on the gound and broke into tears. Sigh, again with the tears. Poor little thing!

I marked it on the calendar - Rolled Over:)

Husband gets home, spots it on the calendar, and just shakes his head.

"I can't believe I missed that.." he mutters.

"He'll do it again hon," I reassure him.

"But not for the first time."


Vicki said...

LOVE, LOVE, LOVE those photos! I bet he'll figure out how to crawl (I know, you don't want to hear it!) pretty quickly since he hates being on his tummy so much. Once he figures out he can be mobile he'll love it! I missed Emily walking - truly walking across the room - for the first time and Chris hated to tell me about it b/c he knew I was not going to be happy. But there are so many firsts and you're bound to miss one here and there but there will be plenty more to make up for the ones you do miss. He'll enjoy having that time with Abram in the mornings - how nice that the daycare is so close to his office!

Kristen's Raw said...

So ADORABLE!!!!!!!

Angela Hoffmann said...

no no worries my dear..they all have their likes and dislikes..every baby is different..and every baby will develop at their own speed..the first 5 of mine turned over somewhere between 4 and 5 months...number 6 not until after 5...the others all walked around their 1st birthday with one exception at 10.5 months..jonathon..not until 15.5 months...all babies go at their own speed according to their own personalities..yes there are the "average age"..but that does not mean there aren't normal times either earlier or don't worry about the the doc's quirks....if he doesn't like his tummy...well don't force it..he probably will learn really fast how to get back off his tummy...if you ever have any worries or questions..please feel free to ask..after 6 babies..i have seen a lot...


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