Thursday, September 25, 2008

18 weeks old

He's growing so fast! and making so many new faces each day. The kid turned 18 weeks old yesterday. After what felt like 18 weeks of daycare tours, (but was realistically two) we've finally settled on a daycare for him. La Petite Academy (sounds fancy but don't be deceived, its just a daycare) is three buildings down from husbands work and most convenient. Husband can drop him off as he arrives at work and I can do pickups on the evenings husband has class. They had the best hours, serve meals, and have some sort of curriculum we didn't pay much attention to. The kid will be 5 months old when he starts. What sort of infantile curriculum can they possible sell me? Just play with him and hold him for crying out loud. Thats what i want from you...

His fourth month checkup with the dr was Monday. All went well till the kid got the shot in the leg and the drops in the mouth, neither of which did he care for, at all. The dr basically said hes long and lean with an average size head. I'll take that.

"Has he rolled over?" the dr asks.

"Oh no, and he doesn't even seem interested in it. He doesn't like to be on his tummy much, but he has rolled to his side a couple times." I respond, not worried about him rolling over. And not really wanting him to roll over actually... because I'm not ready! He starts rolling and rolling leads to... well, it leads to something more mobile i'm sure!

"Rolling onto his side is good. He should be rolling over soon. Just give him more tummy time to encourage it, ok?"

"Sure, Okay." Thinking to self, again i say, he doesn't like tummy time. Ahh oh well.

Good thing husband wasn't along for this visit. He would fret that she seems to think the kid should have rolled over when he hasn't. She didn't say that. He would have sworn she thought it though. His first missed pediatrician visit. Probably a good one to miss. I later tell him in a quick summary the events of the visit, quickly skimming past the rolling over chat, condensing it to a mere sentence, like it was barely spoken.

The kid has also gotten a little sentence to me being loud. With kid in the bjorn and walking the dogs, a wild cat jumped out of a bush, practically attacking the dogs and scaring me, I screamed. The kid broke into tears. Later, I'm holding him on my lap and suddenly laugh out loud at an old Everybody loves Raymond episode. Again, he broke into tears.

Tonight, though trying to work in more "tummy time", the kid still wasn't loving it. So, i move him to his back and place his toys around. He swings his legs over, moves to his side, and whoops, there it was, he rolled over onto his belly. and did not like it. He's face first on the gound and broke into tears. Sigh, again with the tears. Poor little thing!

I marked it on the calendar - Rolled Over:)

Husband gets home, spots it on the calendar, and just shakes his head.

"I can't believe I missed that.." he mutters.

"He'll do it again hon," I reassure him.

"But not for the first time."

17 weeks

17 weeks

I know I'm a week late posting his 17 week old photos but better late than never. We have low batteries in the camera and a full memory card so picture taken has slowed a great deal here at our house. Sure we could buy batteries and delete some pics from the memory card but why do that? Thats too easy! We're nowing saving all the pics to the computer yet for some reason, i still feel bad to delete them from the memory card. weird. i know. so i'm sending husband to target to get a bigger, better, hold more pictures memory card so we can snap away and breath easily without having to delete the kids pics from the memory card. Now, If I can only get to the CVS to actually print the photos! That would be a milestone!

It's nice to finally get some pictures of him smiling. He smiles SO much now but its hard to capture in a photo because the moment he seems the flash light up he is distracted and turns so serious... thinking, whats that!? He's reaching for things these days. First thing he really reached for was husbands red tie. Second was the polar bear that hangs above his pack n play changing table. Third and now most often is "Mr. Snail" on his bouncey seat. He regularly reaches out to Mr. Snail now... not the frog, or the turtle who are right there and similar colors. Nope. Only Mr. Snail.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Stroller Time

The kid finally got to ride in the stroller without being in the carrier that attaches on the top. He was able to sit in the actual stroller part where he could see out, and take in everything from the outside world... He absolutely loves it, kicking his little feet, hitting the tray with his hands, and just smiling...

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Saturday mornings...

Three little bears...

He can finally be propped up without assistance and he loves it. He just grins when he realizes he's on his own. We have the pod seat that he can almost sit in, I think a few more weeks on that. He's not yet rolling over but he's more active now during 'tummy time' and raises his head all the way up to scan around for his toys. We're introducing more bottle feedings since daycare is within sight these days. He's always gotten a bottle or two per weekends but thats it. So now a bottle every other day is going to happen and he doesn't like it. Last night he cried thru his entire feeding with husband, which caused it to take forever.... hopefully this will change!!

Friday, September 12, 2008

16 weeks


The kid is 16 weeks now... time passes in the blink of an eye. Before we knew it, we were out touring daycares and checking our status at other centers where we are on 'the list' - the waiting list that seems endlessly long. He smiles frequently, laughs often, and eats every darn two hours! And naturally the pooping, peeing, crying, and sleeping all falls in there between... Overall hes such a happy content baby. Today on tour #1, our tour guide says, "and when he needs or if he needs extra attention, well definitely give him all we can". So, what if he doesn't require extra attention, he's just content sitting around looking at his toys and chillin in his bouncy? Me - paranoid, i know. Husband - more paranoid, absolutely.

Thursday, September 4, 2008

15 weeks old

Each Wednesday I count down. 13 weeks. 14 weeks. Now 15. Sigh. The day I return to full time work inches closer and closer, with each paystub showing less time available for me to be at home with the kid. I want the best of both worlds. I want to be a stay at home mom to him. I want to have a full time career. I don't want to put him in daycare. I don't want to give up my job either. The daily struggle of this thing called life. motherhood. The kid is napping. So I snagged a moment to post the most recent naked kid pic... taken after his bath. Right now - bathtime is his second favorite activity, right behind walks in the bjorn.

We are puzzled as to who he looks like. My ears. Husbands hands and feet. My chin.

"Oh, he really reminds me of you right now", i say to husband, as Abram is wailing, red faced.

"What? why? how so? " husband says, not getting it.

After I do and say this about 4 more time, Husband tells me promptly, "cut the crap". Ha.

Just this week, I feel he resembles my brothers baby pictures in some way. Next week it may be different. He's ever changing it seems. Maybe he just looks like ... Abram:)

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Bjorn Lover

His love of the baby bjorn... we go on walks daily, sometimes 2 -3 times per day because the kid loves it that much. He's alert, observing the neighborhood, open eyed at the trees, hearing dogs bark, and soaking in the glow of sunlight. Then he fades... into yet another nap. See? i love this kid... even more cute that he's asleep and cross eyed for this pic lol...

Monday, September 1, 2008

Happy Labor Day

Happy Labor Day folks... Abram celebrated with the best of them :-)

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