Sunday, November 2, 2008

Daycare... week one

He started daycare this past week and husband took a pic each morning of him before they left the house. it works out great that its right by his work. then the kid is able to sleep until 7:45ish. Seems things went well overall. They said he was good, ate well, and took naps better by the end of the week. Each day, around 1pm, I'm so ready to hit the road and go pick up my baby!! Its a great feeling to pull into that parking lot and come back out with him in the backseat...

Day 1 - he arrived late on his first day cause he was at home getting some extra zzz's. they called me at work to verify how much he usually eats in a feeding. just checking over a few things with me which was nice. he only took two 15 minute naps so when we got in the car afterward, he was zonked as soon as we pulled out of the parking lot.

Day 2 - he napped a little better and ate a little more. husband picked up and dropped of since he doesn't have class on tuesday nights. i missed being the one to pick him up but it was great having him home when i arrived. also nice to have husband home with me for the evening to-do's.

Day 3 - he napped really well and seems to be settling in. the daycare isn't so sure about us using glass bottles though. they want to be sure they are shatter resistant. we have no idea and tried to look into it. i really don't want to switch to plastic! abram does great with the glass dr. brown bottles my sis gave him.


michelle said...

oh my god hes getting so big and SO cute!!!

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