Friday, November 14, 2008

Halloween and first food...

The Kids First Halloween... a peapod:)

Loving on daddy after some exhausting trick or treating - which we just observed...

And that quickly, he was wiped out... he woke up the next day with a cold:(

Halloween has come and gone. Week one of daycare seems like ages ago as he is now settled in there and starting week 4 next monday. He's started rice cereal and though he thoroughly seems to enjoy the process and attention of being fed, he doesn't appear to truly appreciate the rice cereal itself. He mulls it around, swishes it through his gums, and then edges it out again with the tongue.

"I don't think he's swallowing it," I tell husband.

"Oh he is. I can tell. See? He just swallowed," he says.

I fed more, thinking, this is his fourth time with the stuff, maybe he is swallowing. No, just more mulling. I don't witness any swallowing.

"No. No. He isn't. See? No swallow effect in the throat... I was watching," I insist. "Well try again tomorrow."

"Okay. But i still swear i saw him swallow."

Now this morning, a couple weeks after our first attempt, was feeding number 6 or 8 or 10. Clearly I haven't kept count... even though I thought i had - till i tried to write what feeding number this way. Despite that, he appeared to have maybe swallowed a bit. But was much more interested in My Food and My Spoon. I was having a green smoothie out of a large glass with a huge metal spoon. He was having more breastmilk rice cereal out of a tiny bowl with a teeny plastic spoon. The big stuff looked better obviously. For a brief, horrible parent moment, I considered giving him a big taste of the green stuff. Then had a flash of him breaking out into hives from the spinach, mango or coconut water.

"No," I tell him. "Babies don't eat this stuff."

He babbles back.

"No back talk," I say, while loving his little voice.

Sammy nudges my leg.

"Dogs don't eat this stuff either boy."


michelle said...

ahahahahaha i LOVE THAT LITTLE FACE!! i cant wait to see you this weekend!!!!! i hope its not going to be cold. dress in layers.. and warm. and i love that vest on aaron. i think he should wear it saturday for pics!

Julia said...

I think Abram's little Mohawk is too cute. He will love all the pictures you are taking. My son Wyatt (4) looks through his baby album weekly. :)

Daily dose of Dana said...

love his little halloween costume! And I love his little face!! how adorable! I can't believe how much he is growing!!!

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