Tuesday, December 9, 2008

29 weeks

He will be 29 weeks tomorrow. We still haven't gotten the camera repaired. Thank goodness we can still TAKE pictures at least. and we can print from our memory card at Sams Club. But who actually makes the time to go print photos these days. People just pass around the whole camera anymore I notice. Telling whomever, just hit the forward button to see them all. We do it ALL the time.

29 weeks. Wow. He's heavy now. I can't carry him in his carseat carrier anymore. When i pick him up at daycare, i have to carry out his bags and the seat first. Then return inside to actually get him. He's eating foods though Peas are no longer a favorite. He loves the other stuff though. Apples, Bananas, Carrots, Sweet Potatoes, Squash, Pumpkin, Rice Cereal, and soon he'll be trying Green Beans, Lentils, and Oatmeal.

I put on a 3-6 month onsie on him a couple days ago. It barely snapped at the bottom!

"This is too little Abram!" I tell him in my baby voice.

He grins as if to say 'yea mom duh. i'm close to seven months old now...' ha.

I've already had to put away clothes of his that are too small. A huge bag of them.

The other day I took away the bread bag from him when he was in the grocery cart (not lose, in his seat!) and he started crying like he'd been injured! His personality is emerging. And it is SO. MUCH. FUN.


The Author said...

What a beautiful baby. Motherhood is so precious and infants are so wonderful. Individual days may seem long but looking back it's gone in a flash.
I loved reading the way you write about your love for Abram. It takes me back to the time my son was an infant.

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