Thursday, December 11, 2008

abrams first snow

I woke up on a November friday morning... the kid was awake and i stumbled in to get him. He notices me as i tiptoe into his room and grins, raising his head straight up, while laying flat, trying to situp, like always! i whisk him up, holding him close, taking in that baby smell. He's in his best mood first thing in the morning. Back in our bedroom, husband flips up the blind, and wow!! snow!! we had only been expecting rain... We all gaze out the window. Trees are covered, grass covered, and the deck looked to be showing about 3 inches! I announce to husband, get the camera ready, and the camcorder, Its the kids first snow! pictures. video. I layer him up, hat, mittens, two pairs of pants, shoes, coat. He doesn't know whats happening, because our friday mornings are usually filled with a lot more snuggly cuddle time in bed, mainly because i love it, but also because i'm still half asleep...

we bound outside. use all possible cameras. he doesn't really notice the snow much but does lay back in it... here he is afterward... in a snow induced daze i suppose?


Kristen's Raw said...

That's a great story - and that pic is so adorable!

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