Monday, December 21, 2009

19 months old

Just before christmas, the kid hit the 19 month old mark ... wow... not only has christmas approached faster than ever, but the kid seems to be growing even faster. its so fun as he hits each new stage and begins doing new things, saying new things, and is just - fun! but a bit bittersweet to me too... as my cuddly little boy is growing up! he is no baby anymore...

We had a snow storm and the day after, got some 19 month pics as he ran around through the walls of snow...

He liked the snow the day after! Not the day of when it was pouring down and up to his waist!

Yea, our baby is now a boy - a toddler:) he talks in sentences and tries explaining things to us - most of which we don't understand but we are still fascinated;)


Vicki said...

It goes by fast! You feel like, in the moment, it will last forever but it doesn't. Next thing you know your baby is in first grade, sigh. How fun to see them grow and progress, though! Great pics!

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