Saturday, December 12, 2009


Last Year we took the kid to visit santa and he was just - well - nothing. no smiles, no tears, no laughter, no screaming. he just went to santa, sat with him, had his picture made. I, being a mom who wants a grin for every photo of her kid, made faces behind the camera girl, jumped up and down, did funny voices - and he looked at me like he was thinking "whats the big deal mom? its just some ole guy with a white beard sitting in a really big chair." and thats exactly how the photo came out.

This year, we expected something a little more. We had two santa visits - the first being with a santa at our township childrens christmas party. we waited in line, finally got our turn, and i handed the kid over by peeling him off of me for his turn on santas lap. he was LESS than thrilled. there were no tears. just a LOT of Shrieking. and Screaming.

There was not even a chance to grin, make silly faces and jump up and down - no, i was just trying to keep him in santas lap!

i finally took ahold of him and held him by santa. he was then allowed to hold santas jingle bells which sort of soothed him!

So for our official visit to the REAL santa at the exton mall, we were needless to say slightly concerned about how this good photo op was going to go down. we waited in line for about 20 minutes with another little neighbor girl and her dad. when it was the kids turn, it was like a live flash back of last year. see below.

the same reaction. nothing. like so what. Apparently, sitting with the real santa is blah. who cares. but sitting with a fake santa, Scary!!

More upcoming pictures of Christmas and Abram's unwrapping and traveling adventures. Until then, on a mom note, he's walking around here talking to me in sentences these days. Which i must say, i'm very impressed. But the bad part - i can't understand a darn thing he says!


Vicki said...

Great Santa pics! I didn't even take Ashley. She saw him at our gym and when he tried to talk to her she was climbing over my shoulder to get away so I figured we'd wait til next year to try to get her to sit on his lap, lol! Great memories for you, though, and Abram will get a kick out of those pics when he's old enough to wonder why in the world he would have ever been scared of Santa!

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