Monday, March 1, 2010

a little shoppin'

We heart Trader Joes. They have the best stuff. at good prices. and huge bonus - customer in training carts!! This place is usually SO crowded though. I won't dare let the kid get his hands on the mini carts on a busy shopping day in TJ's. That is a nightmare just waiting to happen! But we stopped in late one night awhile back. The place wasn't too too crowded. Actually, they were slow! Weird to say that - TJ's is never slow around here! But it was close to quitting time and late for grocery shoppers I suppose.

"Go ahead," I told the kid, motioning him toward the 'customer in training' carts, all cute with their little signs and tiny wheels.

He started to sprint towards them but stopped, looking back at me as if to say "Really Mom??! Really?!"

I nod and he runs on, grabbing the first one, and turns back to the vegetable section, full speed ahead.

He marches forth as if he's done it a million times before. Scanning the shelves, staring at other customers, but mostly, grinning and even sometimes laughing. He loves it!

Husband and I whip out the good ole cell phones, photo capable thank goodness! We fight over getting pictures on our individual phones as the kid tears up the cracker and chip aisle. After many photos, we actually did complete some real grocery shopping. The kids cart carried essentials such as hummus, salsa, organic blue corn chips, larabars, and avocados! Here he is at his finest.

After checking out and completing our evening shopping, I was hesitant on how 'returning' the cart was going to go down.

"Okay. All done now," I tell him. "Return your cart. Right over there," I say, as I motion to the other mini carts.

He whisks the cart right over to the return area, barely missing a few displays, and slams the cart into the other minis.

"All Done!" he exclaims, as he marches to the exit to join us, as if his work here is done. Well. That was - easy. and fun:)


Vicki said...

That is awesome! What a big boy! I am jealous you have Trader Joe's and Ashley is jealous about the mini-cart :)

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