Thursday, March 11, 2010


The kid needs his 'brights' for car rides, walks outside, play time outside, and sometimes even while eating dinner too!

If I put on my sunglasses while driving, he yells "MAMA!"

I glance back, "brights!!" he says, grinning and doing the sign for sunglasses.

Just this weekend, he spotted our neighbor, Avery, outside wearing his sunglasses and all of a sudden, it became much brighter outside to abram and he needed his brights! Brights Mama!!!

Husband bought him a pair for one dollar since he was insisting on using husbands! they lasted about two days. maybe. I since purchased him some at H&M for 5 dollars. They seem to be more sturdy and are holding up for almost a whole week now.

On another sad note (for us), the kid's best bud from daycare had his last day a week or so ago. Ryan's mom is able to now work from home so Ryan no longer needs to attend La Petite. What a bummer for abram but great for ryan and his mom! To be honest, I'm JEALOUS! And i emailed her saying so haha.

She responded and we both agree the boys will still be little friends, and we have play dates in our future.

Her email also had a picture attached. She said, "we visited abram last week at daycare and wow, was he fascinated with ryans sunglasses! he would not take them off! haha. so i snapped a pic!" and this is what i saw.

Ah, if she only knew!! and what a picture haha. doesn't he just look like the coolest cat in this pic. shades on, shirt unbuttoned, macho tough guy look on his face, as if to say "yo baby. whatsup?"


Vicki said...

SO stinkin' cute!!! He is one bad little fella!

Meagan said...

You should save this and show it to his wife one day. That way you can show her how long he's been "struttin' his stuff"!

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