Thursday, April 1, 2010

Township Egg Hunt

Our township offers an egg hunt each Easter along with a visit from the Easter Bunny at the local park thats within walking distance from our house. We took the kid down this year with his basket to collect eggs, wrapped up in a fleece outfit, down vest, and hat! It was a chilly egg hunt day.

He was ready with anticipation... as you can see, the eggs were strategically placed, aka thrown all over the wide open grass area. This was for ages 1-3 so, not a challenging hunt per se. haha.

Though the kid was so ready to go pick up eggs, he froze when "GO" was yelled and a mad rush of kids raced for the eggs. He finally started moving and threw a few in his basket before it was over and all the eggs were claimed.

He finished up with 6 whole eggs and grinned at the sight of them in his basket.

Examining the eggs to see if he won the grand prize. NOPE. Just candy he couldn't eat. a bummer. but we replaced it with some good stuff he can have!

A quick visit with the Easter Bunny...

And finished up the afternoon with some park playtime with the other 400 other kids who mobbed the play areas. fun.


Julia said...

Easter was a weird day around here. We did not actually hunt for eggs unit two days later. . .

I am glad some of you parents have this figured out better than me.


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