Saturday, June 12, 2010

Strawberry pickin'

We ventured over to Highland Orchard Farms with our neighbors and friends, Steve, Kelly, & Avery on a sunday morning. We are so blessed to have such a great couple right next door with a boy only 6 weeks older than Abram! The boys truly love playing together! And we get along fabulously with Steve and Kelly. We took them right on the invite to go strawberry picking with the boys.

It was a 'pick your own' patch and we got right in there with the other pickers and started our own box of berries.

the biggest challenge was to keep the kid from eatin' the goods!! lets just say - he didn't eat much lunch that day!

all of us after our pick was over... you can see the leftovers on the kid's chin! haha... he loved it!

Then... later that night, after dinner, he got his first serving of southern style strawberry shortcake!!! he loved every bite!!!

what did we do with all those berries?!? not only did we munch on them as snacks, but we also had lots of strawberry shortcake, and even made some freezer jam! delish! and we made lots of great memories in the process. fun stuff!


Vicki said...

Fun! I wish we had a place here to pick strawberries... I took Emily once and I think she'd really love it now. Maybe in TX.... :-D

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