Sunday, June 13, 2010


We have done a lot of traveling this summer. It all began in late April with a trip to TN, then soon after a trip to Utah followed. Then onto western PA for a visit to see more family and later a trip to NC for a high school graduation. The kid has done SO well with all these trips! We do tend to spend a lot of time on the road in the early months of summer. We don't really have a choice if we want to see our family and friends! Philadelphia is a great place to live but we do hate to be so far away from everyone. So, we make the trips necessary to keep in touch and see everyone as much as possible.

The kid has gotten used to being in the car and doesn't seem to mind. I pack lots of great snacks, drinks, and videos. He has a dvd player that hangs on the back of the passenger seat. He looks at the scenery a lot too. But then we do let him get in a lot of video time which he adores. He doesn't watch videos at home so its a real treat in the car. He enjoys big bird and elmo videos and also some veggie tales too! Usually a nap works its way in there sometime as well - thankfully! He got a new travel pillow from mamaw/big daddy. he won't use it as its supposed to be used - he likes it on his head like ear muffs! lol...

One of trip to NC, we left on a friday afternoon, heading to high point, NC for the night. The kid had a ball on our trip despite long lengths of time in the car. He loves staying in a hotel. Whenever we pull up to a hotel though - he does the funniest/strangest things. We park and he says "No Dinosaurs!! No Dinosaurs!" I assure him there are no dinosaurs at this hotel. Then he's fine. bizarre! anyway, once in the room - he goes into Turbo Hotel Mode. Meaning - crazy! he runs around the room like a complete maniac no matter what hour it is - then finally crashes. There were no pack-n-plays available at the hotel in high point, so he slept with mom. It was a hard decision though.

"I sleep with Daddy", he would say. Run over to daddys bed. gets cozy. covers up.

"Uhh, Mommmmyyy.... I sleep with Mommy!" he jumps down and into my bed.

" Ohhh Daddddyyy! I wanna sleep daddy", and back and forth and back and forth.

I finally forced him into a decision so we could all get some rest. "Mommy or Daddy, Final Answer!!" I demanded.

He went with mommy and cried for daddy!

I know some parents love to sleep in bed with their kids but i have never been one of them! UGH. He tosses, he turns, he whines, he rolls. what a nightmare! I was seriously hoping he would pick daddy haha. Nevertheless, we got some rest and hit the road onto the Charlotte the next morning. He had a great time with family and enjoyed his first graduation experience.

Here he is getting some instructions of some sort from Papaw:)

We headed home on sunday morning and had a great travel day!


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