Sunday, December 19, 2010

Christmas Happenings...

There's been some cookie making going on around these parts... not just any ole cookies either. the good stuff. the non natural peanut butter, the buttery townhouse crackers, and the god only knows whats in it almond bark melting chocolate. Yep. The peanut butter sandwich cookie. An ole favorite of mine for sure! and as you'll see - now a favorite of my favorite little guy too:)

He often begs to help me cook. Dinner. Snack. Lunch. Smoothies. Anything. He likes to chop, stir, pour, and push buttons on any machine we may be using. He's a great little helper and I love having him with me in the kitchen! I hope he grows up to adore cooking!

We not only made cookies but we even ventured into putting together a few little gingerbread homes with our good friends avery and kelly! The boys had such fun with the icing and decorations! i could barely get abram to stop eating the m&m's!! somehow his little house has many more gumdrops and skittles than m&m's - because those ended up in his mouth!

As you can see above, someone, not naming any names of course, was very busy trying to sneak m&m's when mom wasn't looking. ahem. We did make it home this day and he barely ate lunch so i'm guessing he overdid it on the snacks. But his little gingerbreads homes turned out just adorable:) I have them displayed in the dining room. 

We venture out on our travels later this week to visit with family and friends, something we do each year. Getting to see both of our families during such a special time of year is truly a blessing and we are so grateful to have them time off from work to do so!


Meagan said...

Very nice! Maybe he'll grow up to be an architect or an engineer! Anyway, good luck on the road...and be safe! Merry Christmas!

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