Thursday, January 27, 2011

Snow Day!

*yes, somehow I have miraculously figured out how to center my header picture. A true miracle. It only took me three months to figure it out. trial and error is a wonderful thing. 

I've been wanting a snow day. A real snow day. Where work is canceled. We're somewhat stranded. And I can take the kid out to use that snow tube that Santa brought him.

Somehow, we just kept missing the mark. A few inches here. A few inches there. Half asleep, I would reach for the phone around 4:30am, calling the weather line for work, punching the numbers with my eyes half closed and hopin', wishin' for a snow day. Two hour delay. Three hour delay. Even a Four hour delay. Seriously? A four hour delay? Come on!

Husband and I stayed up late last night, already banking on that big storm really being a big storm. We huddled together on the sofa, tuning into the news, just for the weather report. and we never watch the news. ever. I didn't realized how hilarious snow coverage is - some comical stuff!

But today, I finally got my wish. Our first significant snowfall of the year. Our first real snow day.

Around 5am, I got those blessed words, "Closed to all non-essential personnel". Thank you Lord above that I am non-essential!

And who woke up at 6:30am? Uh huh. The kid himself.

"Mommy. I awake!"

"Go back to sleep!"

"But I awake!"

"And its still dark! Go back to sleep."

1 hour later.... when I finally was asleep again...

"Mommy. I ready. Come get me!"

"Go back to sleep!"

"Mommmyyy.... its Light out!"

"Well.... still.... go back to sleep. For a little bit!"

Time to invest in blackout curtains, for sure.

Eventually, we gave in, whisking him out of his bed, and yanking up the blind. SNOW! 

After lots of shoveling, and I mean heavy duty shoveling...

We ventured into the back yard for some fun...

That snow tube that Santa brought came in really handy!

"Does Avery have a snowpoobe too?"

"I think he does!" I told him.

And we invited his friend and neighbor Avery over to join us.

The boys had a ball snowpoobing together and throwing snowballs...

Did I mention that we got 14 inches? Yep. It was a whopper. And a bit deep for some of us...

I never realized how much work this sorta fun can be... carrying the snowtube, carrying the kid, walking, making a path, pounding the path, pushing the kid. My heavens above we were worn out!

But it was a good kinda worn out... the fun kind. The makin' memories kind. We ventured in to have a hot dinner of yummy leftovers. I even whipped up a batch of homemade brownies to finish off our fun day. I mean, any great day ends with brownies, right? 


Teresa said...

Oh, how fun!
I love a good snow day, and it sounds like yours was perfect!

Nancy said...

Snow days sure bring back some great memories here in the Cabbage Patch!! Lucky in the sled, red cheeks, hot chocolate, chocolate chip cookies and you and Buddy making a "pen"...after being outside!! Where did the time go??

Vicki said...

FUN! And such great photos... LOVE that camera :) So glad you finally got your snow day, especially since you stayed up late and all! We had a snow day too but no snow, lol! In fairness, it was quite icey in many places so I really am not complaining. It was very nice to not have to get up and out in that cold, nasty weather. AND they announced it the afternoon of the day before which was really nice... no wondering the morning of. That is the worst! Well, glad you all made the best of your day and hopefully you'll get another before winter's all said and done :) Love you!

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