Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Ground Hog Day...

Guess what today is? 

Just any ole wild guess you might have... 

Yep! It's Groundhog Day. And the kid came home with his very own little groundhog art work. 

Complete with its own hole and all... did it see its shadow? Hard to tell from these pics... 

I suppose now is the time to confess that I've always secretly wanted to go to Punxsutawney for this very day. Honest. I saw the movie Groundhog Day and then later moved to Pennsylvania. Clearly it's meant to be! 

Speaking of art work, the kid brings home a lot, i mean a lot, of art work from daycare. Should I be ashamed to say I toss most of it in the trash. When he was barely one he was bringing home fully colored pieces of artwork that i knew weren't done by his little hands. it was too clear. too organized. too non-1year-old-ish. 

Now though, you know, at his old age of 2 1/2, he's slowly bringing home a few pieces that I have tucked away. Some cute ones that have a handprint, footprint, a picture, or if I can tell its his very work. Or if its something I might use on his little bulletin board in his big boy room. Yes, its a bulletin board I don't yet have for a room that is yet to exist. i'm in the planning stage people. All good things must be planned. 

Some other featured artwork today; 

Puff letter project, done at home

Fish and Frog finger painting, completed at daycare. the kid puts on his best fish face too!

And lastly, my very favorite, Abram's Colorful Animals - see the snake and Kangaroo? ;-)

My boy - might just turn out to be an artist just like his Dad... so maybe left handed like his mom? that is yet to be determined and I've had my fingers crossed for quite some time on that one! 


Nancy said...

Somehow in these photos of Groundhog Day, Abram reminds me of Wilson that used to be on "Home Improvement" know the man who you never saw his whole face and they worked it in so many funny ways!! Adorable as usual.

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