Saturday, August 13, 2011

Movie Night

We're in the midst of watching the Toy Story movies. 

Dinner beforehand was eaten 'picnic style' in the living room on an old blanket. 

The kid was so darn excited about a picnic dinner, he ate everything on his plate! 

We spread the sleeping bags and propped up on pillows. 

Husband threw some popcorn on the stove in real oil with real kernels and popped it up on the stovetop, sans microwave. 

The real deal is so much better than the micro stuff, isn't it?

He throws on a bit of earth balance and salt = YumO:) 

Below, the boys are tuned into Toy Story 2.

These movies are so cute. Enjoyable for adults and littles. 

Afterward, the kid was practically in tears because he'd gotten the idea we were going to sleep there, on that very floor, in our sleeping bags after the movie. 

That was not the plan. 

The sleeping bags husband & I use are for 35 degree weather. 

Not 78 like the living room. 

plus, kid gets up crazy early whenever he sleeps right beside us, which is a rare occasion usually reserved for traveling and hotel rooms. 

Perhaps in the fall its an option since he was so psyched over the prospect of such an event... 

But it was a fun night. Picnic dinner. Movie night. Popcorn. 

Toy Story 3 to come via Netflix streaming while we're on our trip to NH!

So excited to get back up to the New England area!


Vicki said...

Good times!!! My girls LOVE to have a picnic on a pool towel in front of the tv. We did that quite a bit over the summer but I love the family movie night idea and the REAL popcorn, too!

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